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“Where there is risk, there must be a Choice”
“Until you wake up, we will fight for you too”
“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say you didn’t know”

for choice

Over the last decades, the world has comfortably settled itself in the front row of a propaganda spectacle orchestrated by the lobby groups of the Big Pharma industry. But most recently, the subject of vaccines and vaccination policies has started to raise strong and determined voices who advocate for clean science, respect for the integrity of the human body and, most importantly, freedom of choice.

The more information gets exposed, the more people and professionals join the movement of spreading the data, raising awareness and demanding that there be an open discussion where no question is taboo and no concern is neglected.

The industry’s script oriented to manipulate society’s consciousness on the basis of fear and misinformation is remarkably smart, strategically ruthless and global in its magnitude. This means that it is tricky at times to see through the veil and that it is very easy to lose focus. It is only the persistence and honour of the work of a small group of people that still hold the space for truth and sanity amid the chaos.

In this documentary piece, frontline experts as Robert Kennedy Jr. (Waterkeeper Alliance, Vaccine Safety Commission,, ICAN, etc) and Del Bigtree (producer of VAXXED The Movie, ICAN,, etc) share their knowledge, experience and thoughts on the vaccine business, the implications of the current politics around it, the gradual suspension of the right to choose through mandates and what it will potentially lead us to in several years time.